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Public Sector

We design, develop, and distribute fit-for-purpose garments designed to meet all workstreams.

Public sector uniform experts

We partner with a number of state and federal government agencies across public transport, including trains, buses, trams and ferries.

We work with you on the design and construction of these uniforms to include requirements such as employee identification, safety, performance and fit for purpose — all while ensuring that they meet the specific Australian safety and performance standards.

Our online management solution with multi-functional entitlement management brings ease and efficiency to the uniform ordering process.

Why choose Belgravia Apparel

  • Total apparel management; design, product development, manufacturing, and distribution
  • Breathable, durable fabric technologies, with a focus on sustainable fabrics
  • Advanced online ordering solution with multi-functional entitlement management and multiple payment options
  • Dedicated focus on government agencies such as public transport, trains, buses, trams, and ferries along with Federal and State community services
  • Innovative in-house design, creating uniforms fit for purpose across a range of workstreams
  • Local manufacturing capabilities
  • End of life uniform solutions

Our clients

We’re proud to partner with these organisations that serve our community.

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