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Belgravia Apparel Streamlines Production with 3 Clicks Platform

Belgravia Apparel (formerly Bizwear) has further improved its delivery of seamless uniform solutions for clients by embracing the 3 Clicks platform.

A strategic business review in 2019 identified areas of the business that could be upgraded.

One of the key issues was the expanding number of customer uniform styles. These growing permutations needed to be managed from design through to sampling, specification, production and delivery.

In the past, Belgravia Apparel relied on multiple spreadsheets, different specification documentation from our factory partners and a manual purchase order process. This area was ripe for innovation.

The seamless solution is digital automation

Now, the entire production management process is streamlined under the 3 Clicks platform.

‘3 Clicks allows us to digitally manage and control an ever-increasing number of transactions in the production management pipeline,’ says Mike Gluning, Belgravia Apparel General Manager, Uniforms (Australia).

‘More automation and less manual processing are great for our customers as well as our business operations.’

How does it work?

Using the 3 Clicks production management tool, Belgravia Apparel creates digital customer range plans. As the garment moves from concept to delivery it can be tracked every step of the way.

Customers benefit from accurate updates

3 Clicks provides real-time updates about delivery times. Belgravia Apparel factories can access 3 Clicks with secure logins and enter current data.

The 3 Clicks platform also provides better reporting to Belgravia Apparel account managers so our customers have accurate records on their stock orders at every stage. Garment consistency is enhanced as there are systematic version updates of every garment modification.

‘There’s no doubt 3 Clicks expands our control over production management across the entire business and our factory partners,’ says Mike. ‘That’s good for our growth. But more importantly, it’s a seamless solution that makes a complex process simpler for our customers.’

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