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Belgravia Apparel Strengthens Cyber Security

Cyber security, once the domain of spies and counter-intelligence, is now vital for every business enterprise. Australia is seen as a soft target by global cyber criminals and 65% of Australian businesses were interrupted due to a breach last year.

Cyber security continues to be of critical importance to each of our clients.

Belgravia Apparel’s solution to minimise risk

Belgravia Apparel (formerly Bizwear), as part of the Belgravia Group, recognises the increasing threat of cyber security attacks and has deployed a comprehensive cyber security suite to mitigate risk for our clients.

‘We invest heavily in security awareness programs for all staff,’ says David Schoknecht, Strategic Business Manager at Belgravia Apparel. ‘We use next generation Artificial Intelligence applications to monitor threats and suspicious activity, a 24/7 Security Operations Centre, continuous vulnerability and patch scanning, as well as ongoing testing and review.’

Expertise creates confidence

Our Group Chairman, Geoff Lord, is also Non-Executive Chairman of Tesserent, an ASX-listed cyber security organisation. His deep knowledge provides significant expertise to the Group.

In addition, our Managed Services Provider, Asta Solutions, is ever-vigilant to make sure we are aware of the latest and future cyber security developments.

Client protection and peace of mind

‘Our clients can be assured that Belgravia Apparel has taken every possible step to minimise cyber security risk and the protection of their sensitive data,’ David says. ‘We have a comprehensive Written Information Security Program, detailed cyber policies, procedures and technology.’

Belgravia Apparel will continue to lead from the front in cyber security within the uniform supply industry, bringing peace of mind to our clients.

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