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Belgravia Foundation Turns 3

Aligned to the Belgravia Leisure Division, the Belgravia Foundation’s mission is to connect the community to leisure, sports, recreation and fitness. This month marks 3 years since the foundation was established.

Bringing Leisure, Sports, Recreation and Fitness to Everyone

One of the most important moments in the Belgravia Group’s history was the establishment of the Belgravia Foundation 3 years ago.

The foundation services people who have encountered barriers to connection to leisure activities. This can include people living with illness, disability, poverty, inequality, aiming to improve their quality of life, health, social harmony, connection and participation.

A critical part of the foundation’s development has been the provision of an online staff training module for Belgravia Leisure’s 5,000 employees related to leisure inclusion and disability. The fully online 30-minute training course has been shown to significantly improve confidence and capacity among staff working in our 270 leisure centres across Australia and New Zealand.

A Fundraising Partner with a Difference

When local venues partner with Belgravia Foundation to raise funds, 100% of the money raised is reserved solely for use in the catchment area of the local venue. Nothing leaves the community, meaning every dollar raised can benefit those living there.

Belgravia Apparel (formerly Bizwear) and Belgravia Leisure have worked together establishing greater awareness amongst Belgravia Apparel’s corporate clients and many have attended the annual Belgravia Foundation breakfast and have provided various forms of sponsorship and support.

We hope the unique value Belgravia Foundation brings will continue to grow, and we welcome your interest and support.

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